Meet Dr. SHILPI Seth

Dr. Seth also received her Doctor in Dental Surgery from the University of California at San Francis-co. She is skilled in cosmetic restorations and believes that a smile is one of the most important vir-tues of a human being. Dr. Seth is also trained in Botox and dermal fillers, treats TMJ and facial pain and specializes in sleep apnea solutions.

In their time away from the office, Dr. Sisodia and Dr. Seth enjoy their adorable toddler son, Riaan. They love trying different cuisines, watching their favorite TV shows together and traveling to beach towns. They are also active in volunteering for local community events and enjoy meeting all the wonderful people that love the beautiful area of Walnut Creek just as much as they do.

Dr. Sisodia and Dr. Seth are dedicated to providing you with the same level of expertise and gentle care that you have always received from Dr. Miller and look forward to personally meeting you soon.